Keeping your car running smoothly is essential. The transmission is one of the most critical components of a car because it helps your engine perform its primary function: moving the car forward. Each transmission is a little different but generally serves the same function. A transmission takes torque from the engine and transfers it to the drive wheels.

It does this by using gears that are in constant motion. Transmission is often referred to as either manual or automatic, depending on how it works. A manual transmission requires the driver to shift gears using a lever or pedal. An automatic transmission does this automatically, based on certain conditions being met.

Depending on your vehicle and age, a transmission may come with various warranties. These can include a powertrain warranty, transmission warranty, or both. These warranties are in place to protect you as the car’s owner if there is an issue with the transmission. 

Whether you’re buying a new car, used car, or certified pre-owned car, you should understand how these warranties work and if they apply to your vehicle. Therefore, it is important to know what that warranty covers and how to activate it. This article will explain everything you need to know about transmissions and their warranties.

What Is a Powertrain Warranty?

A powertrain warranty is a type of warranty that covers the engine, transmission, and other major components of your car. This type of warranty is often included with new vehicles and is also available for some used cars. It’s important to understand what this warranty covers and how to activate it.

A powertrain warranty protects you if something goes wrong with the engine or transmission when the warranty covers it. This means that if the engine breaks down or the transmission fails, you’ll be protected under the terms of your powertrain warranty.

This type of warranty is also known as a “drivetrain” warranty. It protects you if there are any issues with the transmission, drive shafts, engine mounts, or other major components. Since it covers so many parts of your car, this is the most important type of warranty that you should have on your vehicle.

What does a transmission warranty cover?

The transmission warranty is a general warranty that covers many different parts of your vehicle. This warranty protects you from having to pay for repairs if something goes wrong with the transmission. However, it doesn’t cover all of the transmission components. It only covers certain parts of it.

How to Get a Transmission Warranty

Our agents will ensure the correct coverage is prepared for you. Coverage is sculpted to fit your driving habits and your budget.

There are multiple options, but the only option that counts is, what’s best for you. Through fact-finding and relationship building in a timely manner, agents are able to adequately recommend a policy that will protect your investment long-term, and provide a peace of mind, money can’t buy. 

All coverage is Nationwide, offers additional benefits and is flexible to meet your driving coverage needs. One obvious goal is to protect your vehicle. Another is to establish the joy you had when the vehicle was new to you. Eliminate the worry and financial strain that accompanies a breakdown, and learn to love your car again.  

It’s more cost-effective to keep what you have. Let us help you keep it protected, and running when you need it most!

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